Account Security Tokens

Protect Your Account with an RSA Security Token from the VIP Store!

We are the safest and most secure place to play online, with cutting-edge technology that helps keep your account protected, and maintains the integrity of our games. It always pays to be vigilant though, and you can protect your account even further with an RSA Security Token from the VIP Store.

Using an RSA Token is the best way to make sure you stay safe while playing online with us. It’s a handy device that generates an extra password you use to log-in to the game client. Each password only shows on the screen for a few seconds. After that, a new password is generated, and the old one expires. This gives your Stars Account ‘two-factor’ authentication, which maximizes its security. It can even be attached to a key-ring, making it great for when you are on the move.

We provide a large and significant subsidy for the purchase of the RSA Security Tokens through our VIP Program. All VIPs receive a 40% subsidy on the cost of a token, and Supernova players receive 67% off. See the Security category in the VIP Store (on the desktop client) to get yours now!

Our VIP Club is the best VIP program anywhere online, and you become a member from the moment you start playing for real money. Make your way up the levels for exclusive offers, including freeroll tickets, special VIP Store items and much more.

For more detailed information about RSA Security Tokens, please see the RSA Security Token FAQ page.

If you have any questions about purchasing or using an RSA Security Token, contact Support.