Software Frequently Asked Questions


I downloaded the software but it did not run automatically or I received a "Disk Write" error. How do I fix this issue and install the software? When I run the install file I downloaded, I get a message that the file is not an executable and it asks me to choose an application to open the file, or the file is corrupt, or that it is not a valid Windows32 application. How do I resolve these errors? I cannot download the software from your site. It takes a really long time or just hangs and never completes. How do I resolve this issue and download your software? Can you send me the software on a disk? Can I run the software on a Macintosh (Mac OSX)? What if I have an older Mac OS (10.4 or older), can I still play on your software? Can I run the software on Linux (i.e. Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.)? Do you have mobile versions of your software so I can play everywhere I go? If I re-install your software, will I lose any of my settings or player notes (for poker)?

Unable to connect:

When I open the software I am unable to update the latest version and connect to the server. I have received one of the following errors: -2/-67, -2/-79, -2/-83, -3/-99 or other error. How do I resolve this to connect to your server and login to my account? How do I attach the files requested to an e-mail? When I open the software I am getting an error message: "Security certificate or date settings incorrect." What Winsock ports does your software use? How do I configure my firewall to allow the software to access the internet?

Disconnections while playing:

While playing on your site I often get timed out, suffer from lags, or disconnect from the games. I can surf the web and have no issues with other sites when these problems occur. What is wrong with your servers?

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