First Person Roulette at Full Tilt Casino

First Person Roulette offers an innovative 3D experience which combines the best of Live and Online Roulette. Players can enjoy a unique view of the table which immerses them in the action for a thrilling experience. It also allows players to place bets at a speed that suits them, without having to wait for a real-life croupier.

‘Go LIVE’ Button

When playing First Person Roulette you will notice there is a ‘Go LIVE’ button on the table. This helps players jump straight to a Live Roulette table via the in-game portal in just a few seconds. Play First Person Roulette for a taste of how Live Roulette feels, then get the real experience at the touch of a button.

Basic Rules and Betting limits

In Roulette, the wheel contains 37 pockets, numbered zero to 36. You can make any combination of bets, on both individual numbers and groups of numbers, and all these bets are placed on the part of the table known as the ‘inside section’.

On the ‘outside section’, you can place wagers on a variety of matching pairs of bets, each of which covers 18 numbers. From high or low numbers, odd or even, and red or black, there are a number of options available.

On various parts of a Roulette table, you can also choose from six different 12-number bets, or ‘column’ and ‘dozen bets’, as well as different 17-number bets.

To learn more about how to play the game, please visit our Roulette Rules page.

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