Live Online Casino Hold’em

The most popular poker game in the world – casino style. Live Online Casino Hold’em sits you across from a dealer as you both try to make the best five-card hand. No bluffing, no complicated maths – just cards, chips and intuition.

Online Casino Hold’em Rules

Each game begins with players placing a bet (or “ante”) in front of the seats they occupy. You can choose your bet size by clicking on the chip denoting the value you wish to wager. There is also the option of making a bonus bet.

After the antes and optional bonus bets are placed, the dealer deals two hole cards to each player and two cards face down to their own position. Three shared community cards are then dealt – all players can use these in their final five-card hand

At this point, the dealer places a bet and players choose to call or fold. If you fold, you forfeit your ante (and bonus bet, if you have made one) and take no further part in the hand. If you call, the dealer will deal two more community cards. The best five-card poker hand made from any combination of the community cards and two hole cards wins.

Game Play Options

During a game of Casino Hold’em, you’ll be presented with two decisions – one to make before and one after the first set of cards are dealt.

  • Ante: in order to play a hand, you must wager an ante before any cards are dealt
  • Bonus bet: before the cards are dealt, you may place an optional bonus bet. This pays out from 7:1 to 100:1 on certain winning hands
  • Call: after the first round of cards is dealt, the dealer places a bet and you have the option to call. This bet is twice the size of your ante and is placed on top of the ante
  • Fold: alternatively, you may fold after the first round of cards and forfeit your ante, as well as any bonus bet you may have made

Winning Hands

The dealer must have at least a pair of fours to make a qualifying hand. If the dealer fails to qualify, your call bet is returned to you. You win if your five-card poker hand beats the dealer’s hand. Call bets are paid at one-to-one (1:1, also known as “evens” or “even money”). Ante and bonus bets are paid according to the table below:

Casino Hold’em Ante and Bonus Paytable


Ante Odds

Bonus Odds

Royal Flush



Straight Flush



Four of a Kind



Full House






Straight or less



Pair of Aces+, Two Pair, Three of a Kind



You lose if the dealer has a qualifying hand that is higher than yours. Should both the player and the dealer have the same five-card hand, it is a push and bets are returned.